flashbacks & echoes

Tonight at X-Factor AUS


Directly after I walked offstage:

"Was that entire crowd just chanting ‘Becky’?" - @tree-paine


Taylor Swift’s reactions to her fans talking about dying at the 1989 Secret Sessions on The Graham Norton Show

I’ve just never been more proud.


when we finally have 1989 in our hands





#tbt to when I told my mom I was going to meet taylorswift !!! I had told my dad earlier on the phone but we decided to wait until I got home to surprise my mom. Please ignore my scrubs and my moms pjs 🙈🙈. Whole fam crying it out in the kitchen. WE LOVE YOU TAYLOR!

OMGGGOSHH this is the cutest thing in the world & It made me cry!!!! Your mom is amazing!!! God bless her!!! I love her

OH MY GOSH!!! IM BALLING! taylorswift this is sooo so cute!!! 

Taylor talks about the 1989 Secret Sessions on The Graham Notron show

Grammys 2015.

Grammys 2015.

darling, it was good